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From: Steve Hudson

There's nothing worse than losing money to the bookies.

Despite your best efforts they always seem to be one step ahead of you. 

You could research a match for hours and still be left with nothing while the bookie takes all.

We are living in an advanced technological age in which you can bet on 1000s of football markets at the click

of the button...

You can Cash out, you can bet In-Play, you can even request a bet on Twitter! And the bookies will set it up!

But let me ask you...

Have any of these new betting features actually made you a long term profit???

Seriously, has cashing out actually made you extra cash?

Has In-play betting made you rich?

Has betting on how many corners in a game led you to early retirement?

Sure these features are fun and I guess they sometimes work...

And sure I too have been sucked into using them myself in the past.

But...the harsh reality is...

Betting Blindly on Modern Types of Football Bets is
Making the Bookie More Money. Not YOU!

The Bookies aren't making profiting from football any easier with these new features. 

Nor are the various football "tipsters"  available who are often poor and amateur and can't consistently win.

There is just too much choice these days and making the correct decision is really tough.

So if you're not as profitable as you'd hope let me reassure you that...

It's NOT Your Fault.

Here are the key reasons to why you aren't yet achieving big football profits...

  • Bookies are incredibly tough to beat. 
  • Football tipsters are failing to help you.
  • You are Betting on the Wrong Market.

Beating the bookies on your own is TOUGH. 

Following football tipsters can be equally frustrating.

Because football is so popular every man and his dog seems to think he can tip football.

Problem is it's much more complicated than a lot of the chancers realise.

Whether you pay for your football tips or you get them for free, you've probably come across

rubbish football tips that have lost you money.

But what I'm here to do for you today is to show you the TRUE way to make money from football betting.

Forget the bets the bookies want you to place. 

Forget the bets the fake tipsters give without any regard for you or your hard earned money.

I'm going to keep things nice and simple and show you the REAL way to profit from Football.

If you enjoy losing money on quirky bets and find this "fun and entertaining" then this service is not for you. 

If however you want straightforward no-noctoberonsense winners, then read on, this information might just change your life...

The bookies are a business and it makes sense for them to increase betting opportunities, maximise their profits and please the shareholders...


Wouldn't you rather back the bets that maximise 
YOUR profits instead of your bookies?

As a football tipster I browse odds every day and 9 times out of a 10 the lowest edge the bookies take is on the 1X2 market.

These win/draw/lose bets are the very bets that give the greatest edge to YOU.

Just look at the below example which reveals the percentage of profit the bookies make on this type of bet....



Bookies Profit 

Man Utd v Leicester



Burnley v Huddersfield



Crystal Palace v Wolves



Leicester v Everton



Tottenham v Cardiff



Watford v Bournemouth



Now let's compare that with another popular market such as Under/Over 2.5 goals...



Bookies Profit 

Man Utd v Leicester

Under/Over 2.5


Burnley v Huddersfield

Under/Over 2.5


Crystal Palace v Wolves

Under/Over 2.5


Leicester v Everton

Under/Over 2.5


Tottenham v Cardiff

Under/Over 2.5


Watford v Bournemouth

Under/Over 2.5


As you can see above on a typical Saturday of Premier league football the bookmaker makes a lot more money on Under/Over 2.5 goal bets on every game than it does on the 1X2 market.

In some cases such as Tottenham v Cardiff the bookmaker is making DOUBLE the amount of money just because it's an under/over bet rather than a win or draw bet!!!

The way the margins work is that whatever the result the percentages are what the bookies take on average. So For every £100 bet on say a win or draw bet on Tottenham the bookie makes just £2, but if it's a £100 under/over 2.5 goal bet the bookie suddenly is making £4.40.

Clearly this shows that...

The Bookies Make More Money if you 
Bet on the WRONG Football Betting Market.

This isn't a rare example either, take any Saturday and look at the figures for yourself and 9/10 times if you do the maths the bookies take the smallest cut on 1X2 bets than any other market.

There are 2 main reasons for this difference in my opinion...

  • 1
    1X2 is the most popular betting market so the bookies can afford to cut the percentage they make as they are more confident they have the odds accurate.
  • 2
    1X2 is the most competitive market. To attract customers, the bookies want to make sure they are competitive on the headline market. 

If we wish to beat the bookies its common sense we should target the area that makes the bookie the LEAST percentage amount of money. 

Doing this leaves you the punter with a greater share of the profits. 

I mean why give the bookies a 4.4% head start, when we can give them just 2% betting on 1X2?

I know which I would prefer.

Other betting markets can be profitable of course, but why give ourselves an uphill struggle?

I want the easiest way to profit, not the hardest.

WAIT a Minute! Steve..

What if I already bet substantially on the 1X2 market and bet on teams to win, but I am still not getting anywhere?

Simply betting on 1X2 is not going to make you rich, far from it.

1X2 is in my opinion the best betting market to use for football bets, but the bookie still has a head start on us, otherwise they would quickly go out of business.

If you've been backing teams to win perhaps even successful ones and not having success you may have made some of the following errors...

Common Betting Errors...

  • Backing the team you support regardless of current form or odds
  • Backing a team just because you happen to be watching a game
  • Chasing your losing bet with in-play betting
  • Cashing Out your bet before it has had time to play out and win
  • Ignoring the odds and just going for an in-form team
  • Not analysing statistics and team news before betting
  • Betting at poor odds

Even on the best market it's still a minefield beating the bookies.

So if you want to work hard and put the hours and are a genius with statistics and odds then things will no doubt improve for you...

Or if you want to profit the EASY way, simply let US do the hard work for you with our brand new tried and tested betting method.

I introduce probably the least complicated and arguably the most successful football tips service in operation...

Football Winner.

This is How EASY it is to Follow...


Open Email. We will send consistent football winners via email.


Place Tips. Tips are given with clear instructions what to bet, what points to place and what odds are available.


Collect Winnings. Just by following our emails we expect your betting profits to grow and you can either reinvest profits or cash out!

Why You Need Football Winner...

The internet is full of people talking nonsense about Football Betting.

There are tipping websites that are HUGE that do little more than provide some obvious guess work and don't even bother to show you any results or proof that they work.

I really believe that...

What you ignore is just as important as what you follow

If you use Twitter or Facebook you'll notice everyone is a football betting expert before the match starts but then strangely quiet after the game when their prediction inevitably falls flat.

Or when they do occasionally win you never hear the end of it!

As if they are some kind of messiah because they said Barcelona at home would win :)

I regularly see people offering terrible betting advice.

Now this is fine from your average have a go punter, But this is happening in major media outlets with shareholders to boot. Can't they afford a decent tipster?? 

Sadly everything revolves around money and simply finding a profitable football tipster is becoming like finding a needle in a haystack!

With Football Winner I want things to change, I want you to win.

No quirky bets, just straight-forward win bets.

There isn't a simpler football service to follow and this is what you get...

This is what Football Winner Gives You...

Start with Just £10 Stakes

Start with just £10 a point stakes and make £1400+ or start with £100 a point stakes and make £14,000+

5 Star Rated

Popular with customers and 5 star rated by independent site

Strike Rate of 54%

Forget long losing runs. We have an insane 54% win rate on our football tips.

£14,382 in Profit to date

These tips make serious money. £14,000+ in profit to date.


No Long Losing Runs. We bet to win and at odds that make you a profit not your bookie.

Great Support

30 Day Money Back Guarantee, plus we are only an email away whatever the query.

Yes, but I've heard all this before....Why should I trust you??

I've been a professional tipster for 4 years and have been betting for 11 years.

My previous betting service AccaTipster was one of the biggest selling football services of the year and received over 100 5 star customer reviews.

With Football Winner I've added another feather to my cap and its beauty is in its simplicity.

Its sole focus is on win bets.

I truly believe that the real value lies in these common bets and you are best avoiding most other betting markets.

I also will occasionally double and treble up shorter odds win bets to keep the returns high.

If you want to bet on who will win a match of football and make high profits there is no better method to follow.

Football Winner is straightforward whether you love football betting or have never bet on a match in your life.

There a common misconception that football betting is not profitable like horse racing. 

I wish to change that and prove that football if you bet right can be extremely profitable.

What you will get is an honest tips service that puts its clients first and focuses on long term gain.

Fully tested since May 2018 you can be sure Football Winner is on your side to deliver huge profits.

The Football Winner Philosophy...

I truly believe that football betting is too complicated and this only serves to make the bookies more cash rather than the punter. Our philosophy is simple and can be summed up as follows...


Bet on the most profitable market. The 1X2 is the market is the bookies make the least profit on, so it stands to reason that this is the market we are most likely to profit on.


Keep things simple. Football betting doesn't have to be complicated. I don't believe we need to bet in a complex manner. I only back teams to win either as singles or in doubles or trebles and this in my opinion is extremely profitable.


Be disciplined.  It can be tempting to just have a bet for the sake of it. Or chase losses. Or bet on something quirky you don't really understand. Stick with Football Winner and learn how to bet successfully.

Check out the Feedback from
our Trial Members:

I now have a £650 profit...

Hi, Steve

Well done again this week. I have been betting £20 stakes and I now have a total profit of £650. I will be joining the full service when it's live.

Regards, Tim

Tim Shaw

So far I have made over £2000...

Hi Steve,

You've truly delivered this past month. I can see the logic to what you are doing and love that you keep it simple and just bet teams to win. So far I have made over £2000. 

Keep up the good work!

Thanks Jeff

Jeff Wyatt

5/6 Winners...

Fantastic results this week Steve. 5/6 Winners with only the Basel bet losing with a 1-1 draw. I just wish I had put more on but I will be increasing my bets for future weeks. 


Andy Leigh

These tips have been extremely good...

Hi Steve

Good work so far. These tips have been extremely good and while I had my doubts at first you've proven yourself a true professional. I am well up on the amount I started with and you will be the only tipster I now follow.

Many Thanks,

Nick Marshall

Plenty of winners at decent odds prices...

Great tips again Steve, plenty of winners at decent odds prices. Keep them coming.

Cheers, Tom

Tom Webber

Want More Proof?

There have been 100s of success stories from my members over the years. This is what motivates me to give YOU the best possible football tips

Check out what my past members said about my previous betting product AccaTipster below on the independent review site

But, Can Football Winner Work for Me?

YES, Absolutely.

I truly believe that backing our win bets is the easiest and most reliable method to profiting on football.

If you back my bets you can repeat my success. It's that simple.

My straightforward no nonsense approach has done wonders for my betting profits and can do for yours.

No betting on markets that make your bookie profits. Just bets on winners that give us an edge and put the odds

in our favour.

Now unlike some of the shoddy tipsters I'm not going to make false claims of being able to make you a millionaire.

You and I both know the bookies would shut you down long before that happened.

What I can promise you is that I will put the work in week in week out 52 weeks of the year to deliver you the very best and most profitable football tips available.

Football Winner is proven to profit in our tests since May 2018.

I have ignored the bets the bookies push on you and want you to bet and stuck with good value win bets.

I have spent months researching this and testing and these are the very best football win bets available.

To date my simple football win selection method has made over £14,000

WAIT.. How much is this going to cost me?

I'm sick to death of over inflated prices.

Petrol goes up, food is more expensive, your gas is up.

Everyone is out to rip you off these days and it's just greed.

I want this to be accessible to EVERYONE whatever their level of income.

I've put together a very special deal that gives you access with a massive 73% discount.

This is a one-time deal and it is essential that we don't have too many members to keep odds prices achievable.

Due to this the offer is STRICTLY LIMITED.

Simply scroll below to view my low price offer...



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Refund Guarantee. If you are unhappy for whatever reason with Football Winner in the first 30 days of purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a full no questions asked refund.

Steve Hudson

Mega Deal - Save 73%...

Fully tested since May 2018 we deliver you up to £5620 a Month with a Win Rate of 54%. Get ready to back winner after winner!

Simply select an option below to start profiting today...

Winning Football Tips.

Steve Hudson


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